giussani2 diabolikThirty years ago, on February 12, 1987, in Milan died Angela Giussani, one of the two “wicked sisters” – the other being Luciana – who created the comics anti-hero Diabolik, The King of Terror. Diabolik, born in 1962, in 50 years has been translated in 7 languages and it has become a dark pop icon who has greatly inspired writers, designers, film makers, and artists who still celebrate the rebellious and contrarian alter-ego of the two sisters.

The year before the creation of Diabolik, in 1961, Angela founded, with Luciana, the publishing house Casa Editrice Astorina, publishing the series Big Ben Bolt by John Cullen Murphy and Elliot Caplin. Angela had previously embarked on many different activities. After her debut as a model, in 1950 she began working with the publishing house Casa Editrice Astoria owned by her husband, Gino Sansoni. She was also a licensed light aircraft pilot, she practiced different sports and loved to travel. The huge success of Diabolik, The King of Terror forced her to limit her many activities, despite her sister’s support. “It stole a piece of my life” she would say with a bittersweet glimpse in her eyes – although she continued to travel the world with the excuse of finding new ideas for his stories.

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