Agroittica Lombarda, with 28 tonnes of caviar extracted in 2016 – for a revenue of over 22 million Euros -, is the world’s first producer of caviar and it all comes from sturgeons bred in farms in Lombardy. Calvisius, Agroittica’s caviar brand, has such a leading role in the worldwide market that two foreign subsidiaries, wholly owned by Calvisius Italia, have been founded in 2007 – Calvisius USA – and in 2015 – Calvisius France.

Born in 1978 in Calvisano (Brescia), Agroittica turned its fish farming to sturgeon, and created its caviar-specific brand, in the early 1990s, collecting since the beginning positive gourmet reviews and public successes. When later on wild caviar was banned, due to the sturgeon being listed as endangered species, and the demand had to switch from captured to bred sturgeon, Calvisius was already in a position meet it with its product. “Today – says Bottoli – our product is recognized as one of the best quality.” Among the secrets of its success there are the purity of the breeding water, the constant checks on the production chain, and the preparation process completed in less than two hours. The sturgeons are bred on two farms owned by Agroittica Lombarda in Calvisano and in one owned by its affiliate, Storione Ticino, in the province of Pavia.

For 2017, the company’s sales manager, Stefano Bottoli, explains: “The Christmas sales campaign will anyway be crucial, because over 30% of sales are concentrated during the holiday season. However, the trend is positive in our main target markets.” The two fastest growing markets are France, where caviar tradition has been present for centuries, and Italy, which increasingly appreciates the product.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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