Austere convents, churches embellished by baroque creativity, pawing of steeds, shining coaches for galas at the princely stone palaces, and a bustle of arts and crafts: glass, copper, ceramics, shepherds, mandolins and musical instruments, tailors. The workforce of Naples the capital.
Today, at number 53 of Calata Trinità Maggiore, on Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, you can find, a small and welcoming hotel, between the chiseled stone of the sixteenth-century Palazzo Pignatelli di Monteleone and the slight prattle of the road.
Maison Degas is an ideal starting point for a cultural and emotional stay.
From here you start to discover that 3000 and more years of history speak through the stone molded by beautiful architecture, the liveliness and curiosity of people coming from the area and from all over the world, the alternation of small lanes that open in spaces immediately chosen for casual, and non casual, encounters. All of this exerts a special charm that will capture our guests between the murmur of the squares and historical-artistic insights.
At Maison Degas, hospitality is a meeting, an exchange among sensitivities, an opportunity to get to know each other between a good coffee, pleasant, soft music, and a taste of typical pastries. The centrality of the location will reveal to the guests traditions, cultural and congress events, and the city’s historical and artistic treasures.
The hotel, located in a strategic position in Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, the beginning of Spaccanapoli and Decumani, has an inscription on the right side of the portal that was donated and positioned by the French Institute Grenoble in 1996. The inscription commemorates the fact that the family of HILAIRE GERMAN EDGAR DEGAS (1834-1917) lived here, in the nineteenth century, and that the great French impressionist painter and sculptor himself lived and worked here.
Thus, art is revived in a convivial atmosphere, “a chat” to discover the tradition of Neapolitan pastries with tastes of exquisite specialties, all brightened by a quiet musical background, with the instrumental virtuosity of classical and jazz music repertoire.
From the rooms, the gaze is captured by the evocative perspective of the view, and by the ancient roofs of the historical city center. From here sunlight and night lighting create charming games with the peculiar architecture of the square …

Ilona Scarlett Catani

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