Augustus Gallo 2Gallo and Forte dei Marmi: forever love. Two icons of style and beauty like them – textile excellence one, landscape and tourist pearl the other – could only meet and merge into a unique creative concept, to originate new interpretations of unparalleled elegance, style and charm. For the summer of 2017, the iconic white, red and blue stripes of the cabanas that dot the Augustus Hotel & Resort’s beach flood Gallo’s trunks for men and boys with color and energy. This is the origin of a Limited Edition is absolutely unmissable for all Versilia aficionados and not only. However, the festival of colors does not end with the swimwear range: in fact, all the buyers and all the children guest of the Hotel will also receive a coloring book – eloquently titled “Tra le righe” (between the stripes) – that tells the story of a stripe “that never turned, because it had to toe the line.” On the pages, the contrasting stripes of Gallo Twin Rib socks become black and white graphics, ready to be customized with original and unexpected color combinations.

Gallo x Augustus 01“I wanted to dedicate a Limited Edition swimwear to Augustus, an icon of Forte dei Marmi,” says Giuseppe Colombo, Gallo’s Managing Director and creative mind, “in particular for the emotional bond I have with this place. I have always spent my holidays here and still today, with my family, I come to the Forte as soon as I can. For me it is an oasis of relaxation where to breathe an atmosphere of times gone by.”
“This project, born from a friendly conversation under the sun, has first of all a cultural purpose – recalls Vittorio Maschietto, architect and owner of the Augustus Hotel & Resort. – Telling children the birth of Forte dei Marmi through the metaphor of stripes and curves, or rather of lines that bend gracefully, educates the new generations to gestures that are beautiful, elegant aesthetic and designed with wisdom. The swimwear made by Gallo with our flag colors is a wonderful example of this.”

Gallo is confirmed to be the Made in Italy sock par excellence. The one that revolutionized the concept of sock, from idea to aesthetics. Milan, 1927: it is here that everything starts, and then it moves to Lake Garda, in Desenzano, in the late 1940s. A story marked by achievements and written in the name of absolute excellence, a rooted and fundamental value. Whether for men, children, newborns, or women, Gallo transforms socks. In fact, they are revolutionizes and become exclusive creation. In 1998, the Gallo Revolution began with an explosion of multicolored Augustus Gallostripes in varying proportions, daring contrast games, original styles, and highly recognizability. The new aesthetic of socks is defined stripe after stripe, and collection after collection.
Gallo’s one is a history of boldness and success that meets the monumental tradition and the inimitable style of Augustus Hotel & Resort. On the Tuscan coast, between the sea and the Apuan Alps, surrounded by lush gardens and pine forests, Forte dei Marmi is synonymous with quiet and elegant holiday.

Indeed, Augustus Hotel & Resort with its villas, its park and its history remains the undisputed protagonist of Forte dei Marmi and of Versilia. The symbolic value of the place joins the iconic value of the cult object: the magic of the summer in Versilia reverberates in the pinwheel of colors of Gallo’s exclusive collection to emphasize, once again, the eternal return in collective memory of unbelievable and unforgettable atmospheres and emotions.

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