Creativity, imagination and quality: these are the necessary ingredients for determining a project’s success. Three qualities surfaced from the collaboration between All about Italy and Rovagnati – Rovagnati, which has been producing high quality salami with a unique and unmistakable taste for over 70 years.

With the common interest of promoting taste and the specific qualities of Italian gastronomic history, the two companies met in the United States for an event that involved a network of selected Italian restaurants. Restaurants that have been entrusted with the creation of innovative recipes inspired by a key ingredient: ham, or better, Gran Biscotto, the most famous cooked ham in Italy.

Fifteen of New York’s best restaurants competed last October. The carefully chosen restaurants presented, amongst their culinary proposals, exclusive recipes with Gran Biscotto as the main ingredient, enhancing and reinterpreting it: a way to show how the tradition embodied by the Italian brand coexists with innovation and … inspire it.

Therefore, the chefs wielded all of their inspiration to plug customers into one of Italy’s most delicate and unmistakable tastes.

Lidia Bastianich’s Felidia restaurant won first place for the ability to exalt the principle flavor and its tradition-rich processing. Chef Fortunato Nicotra was noted for his Cappellacci, rigorously handmade, with Gran Biscotto Rovagnati, butter and sage: a recipe that through its simplicity managed to accentuate the taste of Rovagnati and enrich its flavors. Instead, second place went to Gianfranco Sorrentino’s ‘Il Gattopardo’ restaurant for tortelli with Gran Biscotto Rovagnati prepared by Chef Vito Gnazzo. And furthermore, a re-interpretation of Italian taste in the US took third place — the Obicà restaurant – where Chef Simone Santopietro served Gran Biscotto Rovagnati tagliolini.

The big-door prize went to Berkel Slicer, universally recognized as a real professional icon, combining high performance, design and reliability. Berkel, unique instruments that boast the same excellence and craftsmanship of the famous slicers that still teach the art of cutting, gifted the second-and-third-place winners with a set of company-signed knives.

Rovagnati continues its expansion abroad, with a targeted and conscious distribution always in mind, able to bring its best products to key markets and countries. The brand unfolds its story through an undying tradition, revealling its underpinning qualities and workmanship. And the presence of Rovagnati in the United States has also attracted media attention, so much so that it ended up on the columns of the New York Times, which recognized in Gran Biscotto a refined Italian expression, pointing out its previously unseen manifestations to the American market…intriguing flavors delicate and rich in tradition. Rovagnati thus becomes the bearer of Italian taste and flag of excellence abroad, showing how, concretely, historic knowhow is the essential brick on which to found a modern and international future.



1° – FELIDIA, Chef Fortunato Nicotra
Cappellacci with Gran Biscotto Rovagnati, butter and sage

Paolo Del Panta, Editor in Chief of All about Italy, with Fortunato Nicotra 

2°- IL GATTOPARDO, Chef Vito Gnazzo
Tortelli with Gran Biscotto Rovagnati

Lorenzo Tedeschi, Export Manager Rovagnati, Chef Vito Gnazzo and Gianfranco Sorrentino, “Il Gattopardo” owner

3°- OBICÀ, Chef Simone Santopietro
Tagliolini al Gran Biscotto Rovagnati

Lorenzo Rovagnati and Raimondo Boggia, Managing Partner Obicà USA



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