AllAboutItaly_LH‘All about Italy’ boards Lufthansa, Air Dolomiti, Air Berlin, Austrian Airlines, SWISS and Eurowings flights. The magazine, published both in English and German, is committed to promoting Italian culture and excellences abroad ( and it is now possible to read it in the exclusive eJournals service offered by the airlines of the German Group.
By entering surname and booking code, ‘All about Italy’ will be immediately available in the “Leisure and Living” section of the platform and passengers will be able to easily download the magazine in PDF format on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.
The choice to be present on eJournals coincides with the 20th anniversary of the American edition of ‘All about Italy’, a way to further enrich its pool of readers and confirm the personal vocation of the magazine to promote the Made in Italy through high value  tools and initiatives. Opening to this kind of distribution further contributes to ‘All about Italy’s pursuit of synergies in the promotion of Italy by exploiting technologies that allow to capture the increasingly established digital audience.
AllAboutItaly_AirDolomitiSmartphone users spend an average of two and a half hours a day on their devices, and most passengers take aboard at least one electronic device during their journeys – said Paolo Del Panta, Editor in Chief of ‘All about Italy’Reaching our readers means to accompany them with pleasure in the most favourable moments of their day. There is no better time to illustrate Italy than on a flight, intriguing the reader/passenger, and instilling in him the desire to plan the next trip right to Italy, for the stories and the history that he cannot avoid knowing.”
Each passenger will be able to access the service three days before their departure and to download ‘All about Italy’ on their mobile device. Once downloaded, it will be possible to read the magazine even after the trip has ended. Moreover, exclusively on Air Dolomites, ‘All about Italy’ will be also available with the Inflight Entertainment service provided by the airline This is a program that allows – among other services – to download directly aboard selected magazines available on the platform, for an immediate and complete reading experience.
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