auto-storica-fiat-500According to a research conducted by AutoScout24 on the occasion of “Verona Legend Cars”, Italian antique cars are the most sought after on the market, with the Fiat 500 at the top of the table and the Giulia in second place.
According to the study of the popular car ads site, which boasts over 2.5 million online vehicles, when looking for a car built at least 30 years ago, Italian brands steamroll the competition: Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia are at the top of the ranking ahead of historic brands such as Mercedes and Porsche in fourth and fifth places respectively.
The antiques sector is always a lively one and, in the first four months of 2017, related searches recorded an increase by 4.20% compared with the same quarter last year.
The palm of the most sought after antique car of all goes to the mother of all city cars, the glorious “cinquino” – how Italians tenderly nickname the Fiat 500 -; symbol of  Italy set in motion by the economic boom, answer of the ‘mobility for all’ motto launched in those years. The Fiat 500 ranked higher than all other iconic antique cars, including the Porsche 911. The second place is held by the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which has always been one of Alfa Romeo most loved models by collectors. Finally, the bronze medal goes to the Fulvia Lancia.
However, browsing AutoScout24 it is possible to come across rare and expensive specimens such as the Alfa Romeo Sprint 1900 SS Touring Superleggera, designed by the body shop studio Touring in Milan, at a cost of 295,000 euros. While a gorgeous Ferrari F40, the last to be approved by Enzo Ferrari himself, in perfect condition reaches a daunting price of 1.3 million euros.
In conclusion, antique cars may be a great investment opportunity, because models that are now affordable in a few years may see their quotations rise.
Ilona Catani Scarlett
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