The tallest skyscraper in Italy designed by Isozaki and Maffei to best accommodate office workers

On Monday 16 October, the first 140 workers of the German insurance group Allianz sat at their new desks in the Allianz Tower (or Isozaki Tower), designed by Arata Isozaki & Associates and Andrea Maffei Architects.

The tower is part of the redevelopment program of the historical trade fair area in Milan commissioned by the company Citylife – after which the whole district is named – and, with its 50 floors and 201 meters is the tallest building in Italy. For the time being, the employees two Allianz divisions have occupied a floor each, but in the end it will host 2,800 workers and, thanks to the careful design of the workstations, none of them will be in a position of being afraid of heights. Indeed, the building has been conceived with workers in mind and includes a rich canteen on the first floor and an underground car park with spaces for 611 cars and 93 motorcycles.

The Allianz Tower, comprised of a modular system that can, in theory, repeat indefinitely, has six office floors in each of the eight modules clad with a double-glazed glass skin; and the vertical continuation of its slightly convex modules give the perception of a tower-without-end. It is directly connected to the central square of CityLife, and to the ‘Tre Torri’ subway station, through an open space entrance lobby on two levels.
On November 30, the nearby shopping center with an attached multiplex will be inaugurated, and City Life, which already boasts a popular public park, will become an increasingly vibrant neighborhood.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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