D&G take over the luxury department store and bring there their Sicilian Christmas

Harrods in London is a tourist attraction year-round, but Christmas is where the luxury department store really comes into its own, and this year, until December 28th, Harrods’ Christmas is all about Dolce & Gabbana. The imagination of the two Italian designers transformed the famous London luxury department store into a colorful and cheerful Sicilian market.

All of the 23 impressive Harrods windows have been decorated by D&G with their inimitable style and puppets representing the two designers. Each window features a different scene that mirrors Italian life including a homely kitchen, a tailor’s shop, a watchmaker’s shop, a hair salon, and a disco; there are also giant smiling puppets of the two designers who distribute gifts, prepare dinner or arrange the hair of the models. The windows showcase mannequins wearing the latest collection of the brand, but they also feature a typical Italian Christmas with Sicilian carts and traditional Christmas street lights.

However, D&D takeover involves the whole department store. The famous Food Hall on the first floor has been transformed into a Sicilian market where you can buy gastronomic specialties of the island and even D&G branded pasta. There is also a pop-up jewelry store and a marketplace with colorful stalls where you can buy t-shirts, dresses, bags, and dozens of limited edition accessories created specifically by D&G for Harrods.
Stefano Gabbana commented: “London, but not only London. It is an international showcase. It is not just business, it is also a way to explain who we are.” According to unconfirmed rumors, the designers have invested £7 million to take over Harrods, and millions of people from around the world are expected to admire the windows of the London department store in the coming weeks, while photos and comments will be re-launched by social media.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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