Cartone-pizza-apple 1Italians are great pizza lovers, and it is difficult for them to accept a less than perfect pizza. On the other hand, takeaway pizzas are never as good as the ones eaten directly where they have been cooked. Francesco Longoni, Apple’s head of food services, decided to take the matter in his hands and, with other members of his team, he has invented a remarkable pizza box intended for use in the company’s Caffè Macs and the new Apple Park cafe. The box, whose design has been patented by Apple, it is meant to allow staff to take pizzas from the canteen back to their desk.

The patent, first published in 2012, describes how the circular box can be easily stacked and features concentric rings to support the base of the pizza while providing an air gap between it and the base of the box, “allowing moisture expelled from the food item to be transported away from the food item”. The lid clips into the bottom, and the container “is structurally stable enough for containing an item in a variety of applications and is also environmentally friendly”, in other words, the side wall integrity prevents the pizza and its topping from getting accidentally crushed. The circular design – naturally finished in white – features a series of holes in the lid of the container that allow heat and moisture to escape, helping avoid sogginess in the crust.

Apple is credited with reinventing the mobile phone, the computer and the music industry and, now, even the pizza box.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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