biennale veneziaArtists and their creative acts will be the focus of Viva Arte Viva, the 57th edition of La Biennale di Venezia, which will open on May 13 until November 26. To adhere to the central idea of this edition of the art exposition Paolo Baratta, president of the institution, recruited the French curator Christine Macel.

Marcel has a completely different approach from her predecessor, Okwui Enwezor: less ideological and less obsessed by novelties, more alarmed by the dangers facing humanism in a world flattened by technology and conflicts. “After what happened in the last year all over the world – a world full of conflicts and regressive forces (is she thinking about Trump’s presidency? e.d.) – I’m happy to bring back the artist to the center of the scene. – she says – My Biennale questions what an artist is, what he/she does, what he/she feeds on, what he/she thinks…”

The Central pavilion will be dedicated to the phenomenology of creation, but also to the Latin concept of otium, “which is at the basis of the research.” Here you will see Franz West in Falstaff style resting, or thinking, on a couch and Dawn Kasper will transfer his studio here for six months. In the Book pavilion the 25-year-old Philippine Katherine Nunez & Issay Rodriguez will illustrate the rediscovery of volumes and the desertion of e-books. The works of Sardinian Maria Lai will be in the Communities pavilion, together with the ones of the doyen of the exhibition, 96-year-old choreographer Anna Helprin. In the Earth pavilion there will be the houseboat of the Japanese group The Play. Other pavilions will be dedicated to Fears, Traditions, Shamans, Dionysius, Color and Time.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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