6I7A1293Assocalzaturifici organized the exhibition titled “Italian Shoes, European Footprint” at the European Parliament in Brussels – Europe’s political heart – in order to bring attention to the ‘Made in’, a European regulation to introduce mandatory label indicating the origin marking of goods produced, or even just sold, in Europe.

The exhibition, curated by Luciano Calosso and Enrica Barbano, aims to tell, through the history of trends and creative contaminations, the genesis of Italian designed shoes. “This will be an opportunity,” MEP Simona Bonafè explained, “to present the Italian excellence in the footwear industry and to support the European Parliament’s commitment to promote European quality production.”

An exhibition that is, above all, the occasion to bring to the EU’s attention the need for a regulation that protects the origin marking, as a guarantee of quality and protection for the consumer. Marking that exists for foods, but not for all other products. Moreover, the origin marking is required by many of countries, like China, Japan, and the U.S., that import European goods; but Europe, in turn, does not demand it for goods that it imports from them. This creates a commercial asymmetry and undermines European consumers’ the right to be informed about the origin of what they buy. As Annarita Pilotti, President of Assocalzaturifici, said: “The ‘Made in’ should be a priority for Italy in Europe.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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