Klimt-Reggia-di-CasertaMusic, video installations, sound effects and cutting edge technology bring to life the “Klimt Experience” exhibition that has arrived at the Royal Palace of Caserta, where it will be on view until October, after the enormous success that it had in Florence, where the closing date had to be postponed in order to meet the public’s demand.

It is an engaging experience that guides viewers – or, more fittingly, experiencers – in the virtual reality of Gustav Klimt’s art.
Crossmedia Group produced the unprecedented exhibition ‘Klimt Experience’ to illustrate in the best possible way Klimt’s works and life. Interactive touch-screen tables are installed in the introductive area to explore some of the exposition’s themes. Over seven hundred selected images reproduced by the Matrix X-Dimension system – exclusively designed for this video installation – allow the visitor a total immersion experience; the images are projected by thirty laser projectors that send over 40 million pixels to mega screens and walls providing a higher definition than Full Hd. Moreover, the ‘Klimt VR Experience’, thanks to a technology developed by Orwell and through the Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, enables experiencers to literally enter the works of the Viennese artist.

In conclusion, ‘Klimt Experience’ is a multi-media and immersive representation of the greatest masterpieces of the absolute protagonists of the Symbolism Art.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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