avocado-bar 1In the wake of the worldwide trend, which sees avocado bars in Amsterdam, London and New York, the first Italian eatery to be totally dedicated to the avocado will open in Via Madonna dei Monti, in the historical and trendy heart of Rome. Behind the Imperial Forum and the Colosseum, its location is the perfect one both for local avocado lovers and tourists. Francesco Santilli, one of the founders, explains that how the idea of the concept bar came about: “First of all, from looking at market trends.” and he adds “We like to eat and try new things and when we noticed this process of food innovation concerning the avocado, with the success of the first international monothematic openings in Amsterdam and New York, we thought that Italy could also be innovative. And naturally we wanted to start from our home city, so we chose Rome.”

Avocado in all its many shapes and serving styles – in smoothies and milkshakes for breakfast; on toast, salads, tacos or in mini burgers for a quick lunch; and even in the more substantial dinner dishes. The Avocado concept bar will make the green fruit from South and Central America the principal ingredient of everything that is served, from food to drinks.

Avocado Bar is scheduled to be inaugurated in the second half of June, and from then onward it will be open every day from morning to night. While Avocado bar will have a proper bar and cafeteria, there will also be different tables where you can either eat quickly during your lunch break, or more comfortably for a leisurely dinner; it will also be possible to take the orders away or have them home delivered.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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