bellini triennaleA career that started almost six decades ago is presented on a 1,200 sq m stage through the exposition of Bellini’s many and varied products and the projection of videos that, on vast screens, give an impressive, immersive insight into a suite of his studio’s best-known buildings.

The exhibition is designed by Bellini himself and the curator is Deyan Sudjic, director of the London Design Museum, with Ermanno Ranzani (architecture) and Marco Sammicheli (design), while the videos, directed by Giovanni Piscaglia, are produced by 3D produzioni. Talking about “Mario Bellini. Italian Beauty”, which he identified as a ‘prospective’ rather than retrospective, Bellini said: ‘I’ve designed furniture, objects, machines, buildings, so to design an exhibition about myself is to go back to something I did at the very start of my career. But it’s also more special and challenging.’

Indeed, his long, distinguished and versatile career spans from product design – chairs, typewriters and lamps to mention a few – to great architectural projects – congress centers, exhibitions and museums all over the world – and it had been celebrated by MoMA in 1987, where, at that time, 25 of his works were already in the museum’s permanent collection. Thirty years later, his ‘prospective’ will be on show at Palazzo dell’Arte in Milan from January 19 to March 19.

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