Following the announcement made in July, Alessandro Bogliolo moved on to become the chief executive of luxury jewelry and accessories retailer Tiffany & Co., leaving vacant the seat of Diesel’s CEO.

In the video launching the recruitment campaign, or casting, for a new CEO, Renzo Rosso, Diesel founder, said: “Our CEO has left, leaving an empty space in our hearts, and in our minds, but most importantly an empty chair. So I’m looking for a new CEO – Chair Executive Officer.” And since the one that is empty is the most important chair in the headquarters of the Italian denim brand, Rosso, is looking for someone that can occupy it in the best, and most original, way – “first of all, you have to be good at sitting” he adds in the video.

With this in mind, Rosso set the rules for a social media contest – applicants have until October 9th to post, on the company’s Facebook page, a photo, or video, of themselves that prove their unique sitting skills. The selected candidate will spend a week in Italy as the brand’s Chair Executive Officer, occupying the most important chair in the company. No curriculum vitae, no MBAs, no specific qualifications, nor experiences, anyone can apply for this position, all they need to do is to show the brand how well they sit in a chair, any chair.

Rosso commented: “It could be that I unmask a talent to involve in another job within the company. In my professional life, I happened to make fortunate meetings in bars or restaurants. Talent is talent. It goes beyond the curriculum, it does not matter where you meet it.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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