dunia algeri los angelesDunia Algeri Atelier crosses the Italian borders and crossed the USA in a van on a tour carefully planned by DPAdvertising. The extremely high quality knitwear, which is handcrafted using a traditional knitting technique, traveled as a symbol of Made in Italy, but also of the Bergamasco region, where the technique was originally developed.

The new collection inspired by cities and experiences and, that was presented in January at the Who’s Next trade show in Paris and at the White Snow trade show in Milan, was captured by an on the road photo shoot that captured its naturalness, charm and dazzle in the middle of the great American planes. The tour started in Los Angeles, making its way north along the coast to San Francisco, then it headed to the snow covered mountains of Lake Tahoe and finally to the Mesquite Dunes. The Dunia Algeri team – the designer, an art director, a film maker, two photographers, two models and a make up artist – has experienced the euphoria of the city and the mysticism of the Death Valley without missing out on the magic of Route 66, the glamour of the Grand Canyon and the unbeatable enchantment of Las Vegas. All the energy from the nature and the metropolises touched by the tour permeated in the collection’s photo shoot.

A collection in which every article of clothing is unique, like a work of art, created in a workshop by expert hands. All products are knitted with high-value yarn from baby alpaca and can be customized in both color and size. Dunia Algeri Atelier is already collaborating with an independent store in Boston. By the 2018-19 winter season, they hope to be widely present in the American market through retailers in the major cities.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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