Until January 28, the hypnotic, surprising works by the great Dutch artist on display in Pisa

Palazzo Blu – the Art and Culture Palace in Pisa – is hosting, until January 28, the exhibition ‘Escher. Oltre il possibile‘ (Escher. Beyond the possible), curated by Professor Stefano Zuffi, with the contribution of some curious exhibition schemes designed by the architect Cesare Mari, as well as interesting technology and multimedia arrangements.

The exhibition will present over 100 of the hypnotic, surprising and astonishing masterpieces by the great artist known especially for his engravings that depict images based on symmetry and which explore the infinite, mathematical paradoxes and impossible perspectives. With symmetries, geometrical paradoxes and impossible architecture that provoke endless movement, mathematics and calculus are key components for understanding Escher’s art. Therefore, organizing an exhibition of Escher in Pisa, whose University has for centuries been an international reference point in mathematical and scientific research, is also an opportunity to question the possible sources of inspiration for his creativity.
Along with the fascinating views of Escher’s world, the exhibition is an opportunity to retrace the stages of the creativity of the artist, focusing particularly on the long and decisive stays in Italy, between natural scenarios and artistic memories that had a deep effect on his style.

Italy had a relevant place in Escher’s life: the artist lived in Rome from 1923 to 1935 with his wife, who he married in Viareggio in 1924. His children were born in Italy and he would recall his years here as the best of his life. Escher traveled to Italy in search of inspiration, attracted by the small villages in Calabria and Sicily and visiting several cities in Tuscany.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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