expo kazakistanJust shortly after D.J. Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement, Astana (Kazakhstan) will turn to be the global center of the debate on renewable energies, green economy, greenhouse gas and new models to combat climate change. ExpoAstana 2017 will last 100 days and it will be attended by 22 international organizations and 113 countries. The Italian pavilion, promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development, has a surface area of 900 square meters. Here visitors will immerse themselves in the history of energy in Italy from the post-war period to today, thanks to a complex multimedia installation created by the Av Set. The interior spaces of the Italian pavilion, designed by ABDR Architetti Associati, have been set up in 40 days by Renco.

Villani Asia, a Roman company, curated the layout of Iran and Argentina pavilions. While the production of the interior fixtures of the Kazakh pavilion and the implementation of the multimedia installations are all by the Milanese Symmetric, which is also in charge of the design and construction of the Monaco pavilion. With Renco, Villani and Symmetry, Italy managed to beat the Chinese, Korean and Malaysian general contractors giants. But many other services are provided by Italian companies: security platforms, and parking areas access and payment system by Came; lighting by iGuzzini; social media management by 3rd Floor Italia; and catering by Ristogest and the Italian culinary institute for foreigners.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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