The Cioli family, one of the oldest producers in Ariccia, home of the porchetta, will celebrate its centenary on the 30th of September in the town of Castelli Romani. For its 100th annyversary, the facade of Palazzo Chigi at Ariccia will be the center point of an exceptional video mapping designed by Luca Agnani: from 19.00 until late evening, the facade and Court Square will be animated with lights, music and flashes, reflecting the images of the history of the city and of Ovidio Cioli, who in 1917 founded the company that made its name known to the world.

In addition to the show, of course, the product will be present: porchetta sandwiches will be prepared and distributed free in the square. Testimonial of the event Masterchef Italia 2015 winner Stefano Callegaro: “I am proud to represent such a long standing excellent company, I do not think many companies can boast this record.” For the occasion, he invented the Centenary Sandwich, and he revealed the ingredients to us: “I have used all local produce, starting from Roman chicory, traditionally cooked with anchovies and garlic, eggplant cream in oil, and a sort of chili jam.”

But Cioli also exports the tradition producing its porchetta, street food par excellence, also in New Jersey, Japan and Hong Kong. Here with its centenarian know-how prepares the porchetta with local pigs and the final product is also exported in the far east, from Japan to Hong Kong, where they go crazy for the special Italian roast and where the porchetta arrives within 24 hours of cooking.

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