barolo The prestigious “Barolo and tartufo” event represents the most authentic aspects of Italy, in which taste, flavor and beauty all come together in one place.Barolo wine and truffles from the Langhe region of Piedmont are the true stars of the evening, which involves the participation of award-winning chefs, invited for the occasion to cook their special dishes created with these two Italian specialties as the prime ingredients.The auction of the White Truffle of Alba is a moment of great participation. In addition to being an important showcase for the promotion of this highly prized Italian gastronomic delicacy the auction is also a splendid opportunity for solidarity, as the proceeds are donated to a charitable organization which is committed to social issues.
Barolo & Tartufo: 2016 Milan Edition
Barolo & Tartufo: 2016 Wien Edition
Barolo & Tartufo: 2016 Düsseldorf Edition
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