18766092_1549866995058299_4034849458932696395_nDistillerie Bonollo, a historic Paduan grappa producer boasting over 170 years of distillation know-how, with the collaboration of USBG, US Bartenders’ Guild, organized a cocktail competition in which the star of the show is Gra’it grappa. Gra’it is a traditional and innovative grappa with a unique flavor that can be mixed with other ingredients to create amazing cocktails.
America’s coolest clubs, trendy bartenders and a lot of public (over 10,000 people) accompanied the Gra’it road show in the United States. Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Austin and Chicago are the 5 cities in which Gra’it Challenge took place; in each of them 10 bartenders challenged each other with Gra’it grappa, shakers and creativity. The 3 finalists of each competition took part in the Gra’it Challenge Final on June 21 at Byblos in Miami, where the 7 winners of the Challenge were declared brand ambassadors. They will also take part in of a Road Show that will take them to Italy for a full immersion experience in Italian flavors and style.

The first ranked among the 7 winners is Giorgia Crea, an Italian bartender with great talent that works in Miami; she won with a cocktail called ‘A care affair’. The other winners are: Hector Acevedo, Franky Marshall; David Bonatesta, Meredith Barry, Ryan Wainwright, and William Benedict.
Why 7 winners? Because 7 are the grape varieties selected by the Distillerie Bonollo to create the seven grappas that make up Gra’it’s extraordinary blend: Brunello (Sangiovese), Barolo (Nebbiolo), Moscato d’Asti, Amarone (Corvina, Corvinone), Prosecco (Glera), Aglianico, and Nero D’Avola.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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