Wall-in-Milan GucciAlessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, discovered the work of English illustrator Angelica Hicks on Instragram and was fascinated by her unusual creative approach and ironic tone. For this reason he selected a series of illustrations for a collection of limited edition T-shirt.
The collection will be launched on May 25 and will be available exclusively in the U.S. and Europe thorough the Gucci.com website.

The capsule includes 11 T-shirts, for each of which only 100 pieces have been produced, for a total of 1100 pieces around the world. Like art prints, every T-shirt in the collection is numbered with a special label. The T-shirts have unisex fit and the 11 models are kept in a vintage metallic container that has the same illustration as the T-shirt it contains. Each T-shirt is wrapped in colored tissue paper and folded around a rigid piece of paper. Moreover, a card describing the exclusivity of the collection and inviting to join the project using the hashtag #guccigeeks completes the packaging.

To celebrate this collection, Gucci will also unveil the part of its wall art project with two new illustrations by Angelica Hicks. The first one will occupy the same 760 square meter wall at Lafayette Street in the Soho district in New York that had been previously been illustrated for Guccy by San Francisco Jayde Fish. While the second mural will be hosted on a176 square meter wall in Largo La Foppa in Milan for 2 months, which afterwards will continue to host various special art projects until the end of the year.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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