Aldo Finzi (1897 – 1945) was a great italian composer and he is internationally considered as one of the most influent musicians of all times, a Maestro for the main audience. His compositions, which are currently being revalued around the world, will be executed in a great concert hosted at Carnegie Hall in New York City and performed by Alessandro Calcagnile as the conductor on Sunday, December 17th.

Finzi’s compositions have been played around the world and now they get to New York, making his desire to the family real: “have my music performed”. For everyone, the conductor and the soloists, this concert will be the very first time at Carnegie Hall, the acknowledged temple of Opera, and also for the young jewish composer Matti Kovler the opportunity to performe his music too. He has been selected by Finzi’s family to represent Maestro’s legacy in front of the new generations of young talented musicians.

Here’s the link to buy the tickets:

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