Since day one, human beings have struggled with the inevitable need to communicate. It is the lifelong search to find common ground for survival and for continuing our species. The story of the Tower of Babel perfectly synthesizes the painful difficulty of not being able to comprehend each other. While diverse languages differentiate us and provide new stimuli, bringing enrichment and growth, there must be a balance. Even today, especially today, in a globalized world that has dramatically reduced geographical distances, the ability to understand and link different languages and cultures appears to be civil society’s most exciting and crucial challenge. CiaoItaly, a Turin school specialized in teaching Italian language and culture to foreigners since 2008, is at the forefront of this great socio-cultural adventure.

The institute — part of ASILS (Italian Language Schools in Italy Association), AIL (Italian Language Accademy) and Eduitalia (International Education) — is recognized by CSN Lund-Sweden (Swedish National Board of Student Aid) and is a center for Bildungsurlaub educational leave courses. The school is also home to the Examination Exam of AIL and the CILS Exams of the University for Foreigners in Siena. CiaoItaly stands apart for its variety of offerings. In addition to structured courses, numerous recreational activities are organized to stimulate socialization and at the same time promote the wonders of Turin.

From its rich artistic and naturalistic heritage to its recreational, food and wine traditions, there is no shortage of stimulating activities. The success lies therein: based on an inclusive, dedicated and immersive educational approach, with work focused and organized on small groups, to foster authentic contact with every nuance of both the language and the cultural spirit of Italia – the Belpaese. Native, dynamic and qualified native speakers use direct methods, varied and stimulating. Instructors are fans of teaching tools that help students enhance their communicative and cultural skills.

“If life is made of colors, sounds, scents and flavors, why not use them to teach?,” says Chiara Avidano the founder of the educational project. “A language is much more than grammar: it is the culture of the people who speak it and communicative attitudes. Is based on cheerfulness and interactivity.”

Via Alfonso Lamarmora, 31
10128 Torino
Tel: +39 011 593872

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