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Two days to discover the secluded corners of the city, with a program full of initiatives welcoming citizens of Ferrara and tourists alike. Two days to visit fifty secluded gardens that are fascinating not only from a botanical point of view, but also for their history and architecture. On Saturday 13 and Sunday, 14 May, Interno Verde – green interior – is back. The festival opens to the public, for only a single weekend every year, the precious and enshrined green heritage of the city. Elegant Renaissance courtyards, lush urban gardens hidden behind the red bricks of the old town, unspoiled groves, geometric hedges and flowering shrubs: the beauty and variety of the gardens will surely surprise the tourists, but the residents will be gasping too as most of these spaces have always been reserved for private use.

The willingness of residents to give others the opportunity to be engulfed by the charm of these unexpected oasis of beauty and tranquility, which is normally enjoyed in the intimacy of families, is what led them to open doors and gates to the Ilturco Association that has organized the event. Interno Verde is a unique opportunity to learn about the soul of Ferrara and thanks to the descriptive cards prepared by the organizers it will be possible to read and understand the traces that ancient and recent history have left on: palaces facades, lodges, tubs to water horses, sculptures, centennial trees, artesian wells and old hiding places.

The event will feature a rich program of themed events such as concerts, screenings, loud reading, children’s workshops, theater performances, illustration exhibitions and photography that will be held outdoors in fascinating locations.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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