3D  yacht 1“Our passion allowed us to continue the great tradition of Sicilian boat building by taking boat design and manufacturing to the next level,” says Daniele Cevola, co-founder of Livrea. “By moving to Cloud design, robotic additive manufacturing and new advanced materials, we made huge steps towards achieving our goal: the world’s first fully 3D printed yacht.” Livrea is an Italian based start-up founded by two Sicilian boat builders – Daniele Cevola and Francesco Belvisi – and the major step Cevola is referring to is the robot additive manufacturing of the largest component to date of their Cloud designed racing yacht.

Working with Autodesk’s advanced research team, they went from hand-drawing designs to 3D modeling in the Cloud using Autodesk Fusion 360 software. Then they harnessed the power of additive manufacturing to 3D print the yacht’s hull with advanced, multi-material, polymer composites. The new design and manufacturing process has cut production times from months down to hours, while saving the company money on materials and cutting back on waste. This new process allows Livrea to create complex curvature that improves hull performance – which would not be possible when building with wood – and to lightweight components continuing to test new materials, which will be crucial for their first yacht to be competitive in any future races.

Livrea plans to have its 3D printed yacht complete in time to race at the 2019 Mini Transat, a solo transatlantic race that typically starts in France and ends in Brazil covering over 4,000 miles.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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