The Italian cinema industry through the years has produced some incredible movies that inspired American directors to remake them, in a more or less faithful way, to bring their stories to the US. Here are some of them:

Darò un milione‘ by Mario Camerini (1935) – Originally interpreted by Vittorio De Sica and Assia Noris, it tells the story of a millionaire who pretends to be poor to find a true act of charity. Its remake is ‘I’ll give a million’ directed by Walter Lang.

– ‘Crimen‘ by Mario Camerini (1960) – This movie boasts two remakes, one directed in 1971 by Camerini himself and entitled ‘Io non vedo, tu non, parli, lui non sente’, and the other directed in 1992 by Eugene Levy, entitled ‘Once upon a Crime’ and interpreted by John Candy, James Belushi, Sean Young, Ornella Muti, and Giancarlo Giannini.

– ‘Le notti di Calabria’ by Federico Fellini (1957) – This movie, Oscar winner as the best foreign movie, was initially turned into the ‘Sweet Charity’ musical directed by Bob Fosse, and a few years later Fosse himself directed movie of the same name interpreted by Shirley MacLaine.
– ‘8½’ by Federico Fellini (1963) – Another Fellini’s movie for which, like for ‘Le notti di Calabria’, the stage is a stepping stone for the remake. In fact, ‘Nine’, directed by Rob Marshall, was inspired by the musical of the same name that in 1982 brought ‘8½’ on stage.

‘Mimì metallurgico ferinto nell’onore’ by Lina Wertmüller (1972) – In this remake, quite different from the original, directed by Michael Schultz and entitled ‘Which way is up?’, Richard Pryor plays three roles.

– ‘Travolti da un insolito destino nell’azzurro mare d’agosto’ by Lina Wertmüller (1974) – Madonna and Adriano Giannini (son of Giancarlo who had the same role in the original movie) star in the remake directed by Guy Ritchie and entitled ‘Swept away’

.- ‘I soliti ignoti’ by Mario Monicelli (1958) – With this movie, Monicelli inspired two remakes: the American production, ‘Crackers’, directed by French director Louis Malle; and ‘Welcome to Collinwood’ directed in 2002 by Anthony and Joe Russo.

– ‘Incompreso’ by Luigi Comencini (1966) – In this case the remake, directed by Jerry Schatzberg, has as title a literal translation of the original one, that is ‘Misunderstood’.

– ‘Da grande’ by Franco Amurri (1987) – This remake is not official, but it is an unlikely coincidence that ‘Big’ by Penny Marshall, released in 1988, tells an almost identical story of a little boy who turns adult by magic.

– ‘Profumo di donna’ Dino Risi (1974) – The remake of Risi’s masterpiece, in which the blind protagonist was played by Vittorio Gassman, is ‘Scent of a Woman’ directed by Martin Brest and interpreted by Al Pacino.

– ‘4 passi fra le nuvole’ by Alessandro Biasetti (1942) – The remake of this movie is ‘A walk in the clouds’ with superstar Keanu Reeves at the helm of an international cast (including Giancarlo Giannini) directed by Alfonso Arau.

– ‘L’ultimo bacio’ by Gabriele Muccino (2001) – The accurate remake of Muccino’s work is ‘The last kiss’ with Zach Braff, Casey Affleck and Rachel Bilson directed by Tony Goldwyn.

– ‘Tutti stanno bene’ by Giuseppe Tornatore (1990) – The remake with Robert De Niro in the role originally played by Marcello Mastroianni is ‘Everybody’s fine’ directed Kirk Jones.

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