Italian National LandscapePromoting the culture of landscape and raising awareness on the values of territory conservation are the objectives of the European Landscape Convention. To implement it the Italian Ministry of Culture Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT) has established the first edition of the National Landscape Day, which will be celebrated on March 14, 2017, with over 120 initiatives throughout Italy.
For this occasion initiatives will take place all over of the country: ‘Shared landscapes’, a campaign promoted on the Facebook profile of L’Aquila Superintendence; ‘The Art tells the landscape’, a visit to Royal Palace of Caserta’s English Garden; ‘Painted gardens and landscape paintings’ at the National Roman Museum, with a free guided tour illustrating landscape representation techniques in the Roman art; ‘Brera and the landscape’ at the Brera Art Gallery in Milan with the exposition of a work in which the landscape is at the center of the artistic creation; ‘The time of the landscape’, a photo exhibition organized by Cosenza Superintendence; ‘From the imagination to the image’ and ‘Redrawing the landscape’, meetings organized by Siena Superintendency respectively on the cinematographic representation of the landscape and on the environmental art in Tuscany.

On March 14, the MiBACT will also declare the winner of Italian Landscape Award, established with the aim of stimulating the development of projects that revolve around one or more of the many aspects concerning the landscape: awareness, training, use, promotion and enhancement. The project that will win the National Landscape Award will be the Italian candidate for the fifth edition of the Council of Europe Landscape Award.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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