cascatelle-di-acqua-termale-dei-bagni-san-filippoFinally we rediscover a relaxed pace; finding some time for oneself has become a luxury, even if it should remain a sacred right and above all a pleasure, especially in moments in which, as Seneca wrote in difficult times, a portion of time as been taken away from us, subtracted, or runs away.
We are talking about rediscovering slowness: taking the time to taste flavors, seize the moments, admire the subtleties, to feel both well and whole. The recovery of the centrality of the concept of wellbeing is indeed the basis of the interregional project dedicated to the thermal baths of Italy (, a proposal that offers the visitor an enveloping experience of the culture of wellbeing and at the same time the rediscovery of a natural patrimony in a holistic itinerary that nourishes and regenerates body and soul. In fact, behind the words thermal bath there hides no false sophistication, but simply the redemption and promotion of the territory and its resources. Man, for once, leaves the center stage in order to let nature become the protagonist, in this way allowing one to more deeply and intensely enjoy the benefits and suggestions.

One begins and ends with water and earth, the two timeless elements that generate thermal baths, which are a quintessentially Italian source of pride in terms of both number and quality. Italy is in fact one of the countries with the greatest number of thermal springs, and nine regions—Calabria, Emilia-Romagna, Lazio, Lombardy, Apulia, Sicily, Tuscany, Veneto and the autonomous Province of Bolzano—have decided to highlight their specialties and set out the possibilities of an initiatory voyage leading to the celebration and reinvigoration of those realities that constitute the vital lymphatic system of the country. There are in fact baths born of the desire of man to imitate and harness the power of nature, and then there are thermal springs themselves, without artifice: this latter environment is the true source of wellbeing, with its health-giving waters and its mineral-rich earth guarding the most precious treasures that make it a protagonist and generous giver of youth for those who know how to approach with the necessary respect and appreciative admiration.

From these localities in the most uncontaminated Italy surge the purest thermal springs, for reasons of volcanic origin or mineral structure, known and used since antiquity for their curative and healthy properties. Among unique landscapes, framed by imposing backdrops of trees and rocks, lively waterfalls or springs of various temperatures surge forth with multiple effects—purifying and energizing, balancing and relaxing—in short, furnishing everything necessary to guarantee the stupefied visitor a total rebirth which is also exclusive, unique and unforgettable. With natural thermal springs, wellbeing becomes an amazing adventure capable of pulling out of the drowsiness of our daily life as a city dweller the indomitable and savage primeval spirit. The antiquated concept of a thermal bath is surpassed by the natural springs, and widely exceeded in favor of a new experiential vision that rediscovers the absolute modernity of natural elements.


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