GABBANI ESCITAItaly is already qualified for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, and most of the European press has predicted the probable success of Francesco Gabbani representing the country with his Occidentali’s Karma that he interprets with a dancing ape.
At the end of March, the French Le Figaro reported Italy as “bookmakers’ great favorite”. While few days ago the online version of El Mundo, one of Spain major newspapers, published an article titled “The year of the ape at the Eurovision Song Contest” predicting a wave of ‘twelve points’ that many countries will give to Italy.

According to the editorial, Occidentali’s Karma is destined to become a smash hit in summer 2017 because, at 35, Gabbani is the man of the moment, the new king of music in Italy adding that “The paradox is that his song mocks the anxieties that accompany the notoriety of modern society, constantly holding the selfie stick and on social media.”
Even German tabloids appreciated the song and the Italian proposal. So much that TZ titled “This man could easily triumph at Eurovision 2017” basing its predictions, not only on bookmaker’s odds, but also on the message that the lyrics of Gabbani’s song bring on the stage. Indeed, the Austrian Der Standard writes “Smart lyrics in a simple melody that can be sung at any time, charisma, scenic presence, sense of humor, and charm. We would be surprised if the victory did not go to Italy.”
The English free press Metro has published, on its online portal, several editorials dedicated to Italy and Gabbani. It even focused on the scenery setting and the choreography of Occidentali’s Karma – “rhythm, bright colors, the chorus on stage, and the ape’s iconic dance, “It all adds to the magic of Occidentali’s Karma.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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