Great success in Munich for the reception offered on June 2nd by the Italian General Consul, Renato Cianfarani, on occasion of the Republic Day. The traditional event is the culmination of the diplomatic activity of our overseas offices, and this year, for the first time since the establishment of the Consulate General, it has been organized in the spectacular seat of the Bavarian Parliament, the “Maximilianeum”, inaugurated in 1874 by King Ludwig II (the creator of the fairy tale castles present in Bavaria).

In such an important and prestigious setting, to complete the squaring of the circle of a virtuous flow of actions aimed at the promotion and development of Italian potential abroad, there was the of course “All about Italy” – the editorial expression of a multichannel platform dedicated to supporting and encouraging Made in Italy excellence broad, especially in Germany and the USA.

During the evening four of the excellent Italian musicians based in Munich (pianists Serena Chillemi and Minas _1230662 copyKoutzampasopoulos, soprano Maria Anelli and flutist Barbara Cadelano-Lehman) performed a musical program featuring Verdi’s opera arias and “Cantabile et presto” by G. Enesco, as well as the striking performance of the Bavarian, German and Italian hymns.

From Germany, the Vice-President of the Bavarian Parliament, Reinhold Bocklet, and the Prefect of Munich and Upper Bavaria, Brigitta Brunner, took part in the event. In their addresses they recalled the ancient ties with Italy, underlining the intensity of the political, economic, cultural and social relations that currently exist between the two countries. Despite the local long Pentecost weekend, there have been the presence of many important representatives of Bavarian authorities, institutions, business world, culture, press, and the consular body, as well as of exponents of the varied Italian community. There were 350 hand picked guests in total.

_1230717 copyDuring his well received speech, the Consul General, quoted some data pointing out that Bavaria is now Germany’s first Land for the importance of economic relations with our country: Italy, with 22 billion euros a year, is Bavaria’s second most important European trading partner, while it is its absolute first investor. Among other things, in Munich reside the German headquarters of Generali Group, ENI, Unicredit, as well as other major companies and lending institutions. Also, the political and institutional relations between Bavarian and Italian regional and national authorities are significant, as testified by numerous exchanges of high-level visits. In conclusion, the Consul General greeted the industrious Italian community in Bavaria, which has already exceeded 120,000 units and is increasingly present in all sectors of local society, including the professions (lawyers, doctors, officials …) and the worlds of science and culture. The masterful performance of the European hymn (voice, piano and flute) in the palace’s massive dance hall concluded the official part of the ceremony. Guests particularly appreciated the impressive view of Munich from both the wide windows of the rooms covered with tapestries and antique paintings, and from the north wing colonnade.

During the event, at the entrance of the Bavarian Parliament, guests had the opportunity to admire a Lamborghini IMG_2558Huracàn and a Lamborghini Aventador, two symbols of Italian technical and design excellence. Moreover, each guest received a copy of the magazine “All about Italy”, within which, as per consolidated tradition, the most significant expressions of the Italian know-how were featured according to the elegant and impressive style the magazine boasts.

The presence of the sponsors selected for the occasion was discreet yet very effective, which also contributed to present a rich variety of refined culinary specialties accompanied by excellent Italian wines.

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