Until November 9 to discover the fascinating world of pasta and its production process in Termini train station


Giuseppe and Rossella Ferro

The Ferro family, owner of the historic pasta brand, La Molisana, launched a Temporary Store in Termini train station in Rome where the public has the chance to get to know the unique features of this product that is made in Campobasso, in the Molise region, and that is sold in 85 countries around the world.
Crystal clear spring water, pure mountain air, millers for four generations, the best selected wheat – these are the four unmistakable assets of the brand; proudly highlighted at the four corners of the Temporary Store that the over 400 thousand Italian and foreign people who travel daily from Rome’s central station come across until November 9th.

“With this initiative – says Rossella Ferro, fourth generation of the family at the company’s management and marketing director – we want to bring to Rome a corner of our territory, of which we proudly bear the name. We come from a family of millers for four generations and, having acquired La Molisana in 2011, we have realized the dream of becoming pasta makers, reaching the consumers’ houses with our finished product. The quality of the wheat, resulting from our centenary experience in the art of milling, is enhanced by the extraordinary features of the area where we operate. Our pasta factory is in the mountains, where the rarefied air preserves the quality of the raw material and where we have pure and light water of certified quality. On the new packaging, which we present here in Rome with the whole range, we have been proud to reiterate these contents, which differentiate us from other brands.”

Through video and multimedia content, La Molisana will accompany Italian and foreign travelers through the discovery of an extraordinary territory and the fascinating pasta production process, which mixes craftsmanship and the most advanced technologies. From the stone decortication of wheat to the extrusion through bronze dies, all the stages take place in Campobasso in the mill and past factory owned by La Molisana, which is one of the very few food companies that take care of the entire production chain. In the Temporary Store in Rome, the public will also be able to discover the new recipe of pasta La Molisana, which raises the protein value from 14 to 14.5%, increasing one of the main parameters to measure the quality of pasta.

Thanks to the collaboration with Associazione Professionale Cuochi Italiani (professional association of Italian chefs), until November 9th, 12 restaurants in and around Rome will offer in their menu special recipes with pasta La Molisana, exclusively developed to celebrate the presence of the brand in the Italian capital:

Restaurant “Le Salette del Gusto” – Via Dei Sardi 8 – Rome
Restaurant “Bacchus” – Via della Torre Alessandrina 77 – Fiumicino (Rome)
Restaurant “Cabina 31” – Lungomare di Levante 232 – Fregene (Rome)
Restaurant “La Ciociara” – Via Lungoliri Simoncelli 2 – Sora (Frosinone)
Restaurant “Eco Blu” – Via Fidenza – Rome
Restaurant “La Forchetta Matta” – Via Monti Lepini 5 – Monterotondo (Rome)
Restaurant “La Lampara” – Via Carbonia 35- Passo Scuro (Rome)
Trattoria “Della Nonna” – Via Settevene palo 4 – Cerveteri (Rome)
Restaurant “Il Panorama” – Via passeggiata Pianillo 2 – Segni (Rome)
Restaurant “Papillon” – Via Delle Barozze 39- Rocca di Papa (Rome)
Restaurant “I Quattro Ricci” – Via del Casalone – Cerveteri (Rome)
Restaurant “Le Tamerici” – Via Dello Scavolino 79 – Fiumicino (Rome)


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