The love for Italian is not just about lifestyle. Ranked fourth amongst the most studied languages in the world, according to data released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs last October, the “Bel Paese” is a testimony to a passion that has ancient origins and has never been overtaken throughout the centuries. Think about it… Queen Elizabeth I of England signed and sealed her very first official document in Italian! pic8

So the mission of one Italian school is rightfully geered to offering courses not only to those eager to learn the language, but also to those who want to know the culture, customs and habits of this country. Simply put, the variety everyday, Italian life experiences. Starting with Rome. pic7

ROMIT is a school specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners from all over the world. It is a learning institution formed by young teachers who have years of Italian-language teaching experience and have become the most professional of their profession, embracing their greatest passion.

Italian courses are fined-tuned to meet the needs of students and are taught through various methodologies, from communicative discussion to imperative grammatical structures. Students are encouraged to improve their language skills through daily-life simulations using grammar, vocabulary and communication combined. In addition, preparation courses for CILS, CELI, PLIDA examinations and cultural activities related to art history, literature, cinema, theater, gastronomy and fashion are offered to give the student a total life-immersion experience of the Bel Paese.pic9

ROMIT nurtures a friendly and informal atmosphere. Large, bright classrooms and a study rooms for book browzing, complete internet connectivity and the chance to socialize with other students. A small inner courtyard is a meeting place for students and teachers alike during breaks between lessons. Wi-Fi is available for all students to keep everyone plugged in.

Romit is located in one of the most beautiful and characteristic neighborhoods of the city, the Monti district, where one of the history’s most illustrious characters born: Caio Giulio Cesare.


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