Safety, elegance and refinement: Agresti — makers of stylish  skilled handmade goods, and much more, for over 60 years — follows these guidelines.

Let’s start with the introductions: who is Agresti and what is the story?

The company is run by the second generation Agresti family. It was born in 1949 as a small workshop, founded by Osvaldo and Pia Agresti in Florence’s center city. On the wave of the purest Tuscan tradition, they specialize in the production of high quality, lined and subdivided wood chests in for organizing jewels or valuables. After the 1966 flood in Florence, the workshop moved to the outskirts of the city and began to develop into an important furniture-industry company. Today, within our own workshop, we create every detail of unique safes, with cleverly crafted curtains and raw wood, all the way to the finished product. For our collections we select only the finest raw materials: wood, leather, stones. At this plant, we personally cure every stage of the production process: the raw panel is cut, glued, worked and finished. Our idea is based on the concept of sophistication, security and technology. It is an exclusive product that guarantees the protection and preservation of your precious assets in a refined environment using advanced security technology. The latest model allows for fingerprint recognition and memory, remote access, with simple and fast applications. Tablets, smartphones, and personal computers become the virtual keys that Agresti connects with its own safes and armored rooms to make security even more secure and effective.

What is the “diamond tip” product of your collection currently?

Our armored furniture — 9499 of the Magic line – is a most popular model. It is made of glittery maple finishing with the finest handcrafted techniques. Inside, the safe and glossy white color is designed to hold various types of jewelry, watches and documents. It is equipped with 24-karat, gold-plated accessories and opens with a biometric reader. Easily anchored to the wall, it adapted for automatic watches. This item is a perfect complement to furnishing that gives a touch of luxury and security to your home.

Your products are a combination of Made in Italy excellence and technological innovations, are there other features that make the Agresti brand unique?

We offer a wide range of products to keep not only jewels safe, but also create a secure environment for the whole family. Made to measure, hidden as a bookcase or integrated into the design of a home, our exclusive Strong and Panic room is assembled in any building, new or under construction. Size and materials used can all be customized. Steel walls provide protection, cork isolates noise and seals protected against gas attacks.

The door is finely covered with precious leather and is controlled by a biometric reader with numerous adjustable footprints. If forced, it opens slightly without any sign of alarm, while numerous alerts are sent to the family, law enforcement agencies, or supervisors. Luxury and functionality guard precious and valuable goods inside, all in luxurious holds. Marble flooring, precious woods and exclusive leather for a safe, daily beauty experience. One very important feature: If needed due to a suspicious intrusion, the “Panic Room” mode can be activated with a simple button, which means that the room will be technically isolated from the rest of the house. In fact, dedicated air-conditioning is guaranteed, 4G (with Hotspot Mobility) and radio-separated bridges are activated, giving immediate relief. Meanwhile, the indoor, closed-circuit system allows movements inside the home to be tracked and recorded on a remote disk. Chip spray diffusers, mounted outside the armored room, can also be controlled. A powerful UPS ensures power supply in case of blackout or cable cut. While waiting for relief, with loved ones and valuables ​​in total safety, drinks, and food stored in the appropriate refrigerator and wine cellar make sure provisions are at hand. Crystal glasses, blankets, first aid kits and a chemical toilet are there, again, in the case of emergency. Our qualified staff handles complete installation and the facility is delivered intact to the customer.

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