The ‘Lady of Chocolate’, Anna Majani, a woman of art and business, asks: “Tasting a Majani chocolate, do people appreciate the fact that it is made from the finest raw beans that we choose and buy around the world, and that we then peel, squeeze, shred, melt and work, here in Bologna, exactly as we did 220 years ago?”

It was 1796 when her ancestor, Teresa Majani, opened her shop ‘Laboratorio delle cose dolci’ – the workshop of sweet things –, and still today, after the celebrations for the 220th anniversary of that opening and innumerable awards (the most recent one is the Eurochocolate 2016 Award for Sfoglia Nera), Anna Majani and her son Francesco, president and CEO of the company, work those ‘sweet things’ with the same undiminished passion.
Majani is still the oldest Italian chocolate factory and one of the few in the world to be so devoted to high quality, to choose to produce their chocolate starting with raw beans rather than with cocoa mass as most renowned masters chocolatiers do to save costs and time. The 87,000 kg of raw cocoa beans – in 24 different varieties – that every year pass through the three storage silos of the factory are transformed in only 42,000 kg of the finest chocolates on the market.
The first award received by Majani dates back 1878 and it was awarded by king Umberto I, and subsequently it received recognitions in Paris, Vienna and Milan and called for the inauguration of the Eiffel Tower in 1889.

In 1911, FIAT chose the company to create a chocolate to celebrate the launch of the Fiat Tipo 4; that creation, the four-layer cremino, is still one of Majani’s best-sellers and it is the only third-party product for which the automotive company allows the use of its brand, with patented recipe, machinery and even band.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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