He is irreverent and ironic, he is ruthless and totally disheartening, he is Maurizio Cattelan – born in Padua in 1960 – the most beloved and detested, depending on your the point of view, but certainly the most popular living Italian artist in the world.

Maurizio Cattelan has recently started to express himself through Instagram with the creation of his ‘The Single Post Instagram’ account. The name, carefully chosen, reflects the fact that it has only one single post at any given time. A representative from the artist’s gallery, Marian Goodman, confirmed that, the Instagram account is indeed run by Cattelan himself, and that he intends to stick to the single-post approach. The single-post will regularly be deleted, ceasing to exist anywhere online, and another post will go up in its place, without, most probably, appearing in the feed of his almost forty thousand followers. Followers who profusely comment on the single-posts and who all receive a ‘like’ from the author. In these terms, Cattelan’s ‘The Single Post Instagram’ poses a contradiction in itself as it does not follow any other account, overturning the customs and traditions of the social media.
So far, the single-posts that Cattelan decided to feed have been photos with an ironic, or seemingly unrelated, caption. These are some of them: a photo evidence of one of Erwin Wurm’s ‘One Minute Sculptures’ (for which the viewer is asked to follow a very precise set of instructions involving an object for 60 seconds, and then the work disappears forever), to be replaced by another sculpture, recently seen in the Austrian pavilion at the Venice Biennale, with the caption “IMAGINATION RULES THE WORLD”; the image of a pigeon teetering perilously on the side of a ledge, with the caption “THE PROBLEM WITH THE WORLD IS, EVERYONE IS THREE DRINKS BEHIND”; the photo, shot from behind, of a groom next to a bride on horseback, with the caption “THEY LIVED AND LAUGHED AND LOVED AND LEFT”.


Ilona Catani Scarlett

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