Michele Bauli

Michele Bauli, Vice President of the Bauli Group

The Vice President of the Bauli Group is the host of the weekly column “All about Italy” and he tells Paolo Del Panta how it is possible to become big from small beginnings, how good at this many Italian companies are, and how the State does not have the credit for this.

“All too often companies have to count only on themselves.” In an interview with Paolo Del Panta, the Editor in Chief of All about Italy, a magazine in English and German dedicated to the promotion of Italian culture and excellence abroad (www.allaboutitaly.net), Michele Bauli praises Italian companies for their strength, courage and creativity, but he does not express the same level of enthusiasm for the initiatives of Italian government institutions and the support received from them. “A state with such a high level of taxation and with such a cumbersome bureaucracy is certainly no help at all. There are a few initiatives that are intended to support companies, but they are not enough.”

The Vice President of the Bauli Group paints a picture that is far from idyllic – from the bureaucratic point of view – for Italian companies, but he nevertheless does not express any kind of pessimism: “we have always been used to having difficult relations with the state, but we have always managed to survive and grow.”

It is probably also thanks to this spirit of initiative that the Bauli company based in Verona managed to become so large and came to represent a brand that is a genuine symbol of Italian-ness. “It is it all based on my grandfather’s skills as a pastry cook, supported as went on time by the enterprising attitude of his children, who were able to help the company to grow by always focusing on quality – says Michele Bauli – while intensifying the advertising of the product in a way that has always been consistent”. Resourcefulness was necessary, but investments in technology and people were equally important. Bauli feels it is important to emphasize this fact, because only in this way is it possible to achieve big sales figures, also abroad. “90% of our sales are in Italy and only 10% around the world, but we are talking about annual sales of 50 million Euros abroad.”

Michele Bauli seems full of confidence in Italian values and in the sectors that can make a nation like ours great: “food, decor, fashion, but also technology can lead Italy forward and ahead. From this point of view the Expo, for example, was very helpful, as it turned a spotlight onto the nation, throwing light upon something that was already there anyway.”

The full interview is available at this link

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