A rain of stars and three special awards for the joy of all food lovers

The 2018 edition of the Michelin Guide to Italy, with its 356 starred restaurants is once again the world’s second-most starred guide after the French one. The new edition it includes 26 new starred restaurants and precisely: 22 new stars, 3 new two-stars, and, most importantly, 1 new three-stars.

Of the about 100 3-stars restaurants that the experts of the Michelin Guide have identified all over the world 9 are in Italy. There used to be 8, but this year Chef Norbert Niederkofler’s ‘St Hubertus’ (2-stars since 2007) in San Cassiano (Badia) joins the exclusive 3-star club. The very excited chef dedicated this award to his family: “my wife Cristina and my son Tommaso spend many hours at home without me” , and to his team of thirty elements. The others are: Massimo Bottura’s ‘Osteria Francescana’ in Modena, Niko Romito’s ‘Reale Casadonna’ in Castel di Sangro (Aq), Massimiliano Alajmo’s ‘Calandre’ in Rubano (Pd), Giovanni e Nadia Santini’s ‘Dal Pescatore’ in Canneto sull’Oglio, Enrico Crippa’s ‘Duomo’ in Alba, Heinz Beck’s ‘Pergola’ in Rome, Annie Feolde’s ‘Enoteca Pinchiorri’ in Florence, and the Cerea brothers’ ‘Da Vittorio’ in Brusaporto.

The number of two-stars restaurants increases to 41 to include three new entries: Andrea Aprea’s ‘Vun’ in Milan, Alberto Faccani’s ‘Magnolia’ in Cesenatico, and Matteo Metullio’s ‘La Siriola’ in San Cassiano (Badia).

The 2018 edition of the Guide awarded an impressive 22 new single-stars, for a new total of 306. Noteworthy is Andrea Ribaldone, who earned the coveted Michelin star, only nine months after opening ‘Osteria Arborina’ in the Langhe.

A special price for “Dining room service” has been awarded to ‘Meo Modo’ restaurant – in Chiusdino (Si) -, in the person of maître Andrea Salvatori. The “Quality in time” award went to ‘Al Gambero’ in Calvisano (Bs), which is a star holder since 1989. While the “Young chef of the year” award has been won by Alessio Longhini of ‘Stube Gourmet’ in Asiago.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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