Ponte-Basilicata-7In Sasso di Castalda, in the province of Potenza, the “Ponte alla luna” (bridge to the moon) was recently inaugurated. The bridge is a tribute to the moon, with which the town has a strong bond; in fact, the parents of NASA engineer Rocco Petrone emigrated to the U.S. right from Sasso di Castalda and their son worked on the Apollo 11 mission that on July 20, 1969, brought the first man to the moon.
With a span of 300 meters, and hanging 120 meters above the Fosso Arenazzo river, it is one of the most impressive rope bridges in Italy. It takes approximately half an hour to cross it and, considering the 600 steel steps placed at a not quite reassuring distance, it is an experience only for the brave.
The path to get to the Ponte alla luna starts with as narrow street through the characteristic stone houses of the historical until it reaches a first bridge, Ponte Inferiore Fosso Arenazzo, that is 95 meters long and hangs at a height of “only” 70 meters. After the lower bridge, the path passes by a picturesque votive chapel before reaching the wp-20160914-004_origbreathtaking Ponte alla luna (this last stretch is covered in about 15 minutes). The brave ones who dare crossing the Bridge to the moon and reach the ruins of the castle that dominates the landscape will be rewarded by glass sky walk suspended on the bridge, and an equipped panoramic viewpoint for a short break before heading back down, passing by the church of San Nicola. Other nearby must see are: the deer reserve, the beech forest known as “La Costara”, the path of legality – Sentiero della legalità – dedicated to Mino Beneventano, a victim of the Camorra, and the Frassati path.
Ilona Catani Scarlett

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