The World Cheese Awards is the largest international competition dedicated only to cheese, with no other dairy products able to enter, and for three decades it has been bringing the global cheese community together, in a celebration of tradition, innovation, and excellence in cheese. This year edition of the World Cheese Award was held in London, at the prestigious Tobacco Dock, from Thursday, November 16th until Sunday, November 19th, and it involved over 3,000 cheeses from more than 30 countries; of these, the one that received the most prizes was the Italian Parmigiano Reggiano. 250 experts from all over the world – international buyers, traders, journalists, and cheese producers –  examined cheese samples to identify those worthy of a bronze, silver, or a gold medal, plus a ‘Super Gold’ cheese for each table.

Forty Parmigiano Reggiano producers participated in the World Cheese Awards as a joined team, the National Parmigiano Reggiano. Never before in the history – which began with the 19th-century Universal Exhibitions of cheese competition, a single group of producer has been so conspicuous. This strategy worked very well and, with 38 medals – 3 Supergold, 11 gold medals, 16 silver, 8 bronze medals, Parmigiano Reggiano -, Parmigiano Reggiano was the most prized cheese of the competition.

Gabriele Arlotti, who first had the idea to create the National Parmigiano Reggiano, commented the result: “The jury was very strict, however, the dairies stayed united. For years they have been using the World Cheese Awards to give added value to an already exceptional product. In three years of group history, the awards added up to 169.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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