piccolo teatroThe Piccolo Teatro was established in 1947 by Giorgio Strehler, Paolo Grassi and Nina Vinchi. It was the first Italian public theater and with it the aim was to create an institution offering a public service considered essential for the well-being of citizens. The slogan that launched it was “An Arts Theater for Everyone” and to this day the Piccolo stays true to its mission for 25,527 subscribers and 293 thousand visitors a year, 47% of which are under 25 years old. In over sixty-seven years of activity, the Piccolo Teatro has produced more than 300 shows (200 of which directed by Strehler), written by playwrights like Shakespeare, Goldoni, Brecht and Cechov. The Piccolo is also a “Theater of Europe” and since the changeover to Sergio Escobar and Luca Ronconi in 1998 it has expanded its international and interdisciplinary dimension.

The rich program of the 2017/18 season has just been announced and it includes 17 different shows on top of events, guest appearances, music and dance events. Very interesting is a show based on “The Interpretation of Dreams” by Sigmund Freud written by Stefano Massini and directed by Federico Tiezzi. While the students of the Scuola del Piccolo directed by Carmelo Rifici will star in “Uomini e no”, from Vittorini’s novel adapted by Michele Santeramo.
The anniversary will also be celebrated with a photo exhibition in Via Dante, a book by Giulio Giorello, “La ricerca della bellezza”, and a very special play of “Harlequin servant of two masters” at the Arena Anfiteatro della Martesana. Christmas Day will also mark 20 years since Strehler’s death and a major exhibition on his work, with particular reference to Mozart and Goldoni, will be on view at the Palazzo Reale.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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