Until March 4, D Museum celebrates the fantastic story of how plastic went designer

Until 4 March 2018, Seoul’s D Museum is hosting, until March 4, 2018, the Plastic Fantastic show, a fascinating exploration of the history of Kartell’s designs over the last 50 years. The Korean museum’s typical youthful, energetic style showcases Kartell’s marriage of industrial production and Italian design through a series of poignant installations.

The show takes over the entire museum, where visitors can discover Kartell’s most beautiful creations, from historical accessories and homeware items on loan from the Kartell Museo collections, to contemporary furniture and lighting. The focus of the exhibition that recounts the history of how plastic met design, is plastic as material, which Kartell has been using since the 1950s to produce household goods and lighting and, since the 1960s, for furniture and furnishing accessories (Kartell’s first plastic chair, designed by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper, was made in 1964). The company’s production cemented the global reputation of Italian design and its power to influence tastes and transform homes all over the world.

Kartell’s success has been determined by the encounter of a forward-thinking entrepreneur, first Giulio Castelli and then Claudio Luti, and the best designers in the world, resulting in beautiful yet practical innovative products powered by the potential of plastic and versatility of the products. All of these values are showcased to the public at the D Museum, where visitors are enchanted by the exquisite reflections and illuminated patterns of the Plastic Fantastic pieces.

Ilona Catani Scarlett


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