Sharing, 0km street food, Roman cuisine, Wild mixology, and Truffle, these are the concepts behind the new places where to enjoy high-quality offers in Milan.

‘The Stage’ – Piazza Gae Aulenti, 4 
The meal as a moment of coming together sharing each others’ company and the food on the table, like in the old trattorias. The refined menu will be offered both in single and sharing version, served at the center of the table, ready to be enjoyed by the tablemates.

‘La Bottega di Lomi’ – via Sant’Agnese, 16
Siple dishes of the Italian tradition prepared with the highest quality local raw materials. A high profile delicatessen where to enjoy baked pasta, cannelloni, and tortelli, as well as outstanding salads. Lomi’s revolutionizes street food turning it into a conscious, aware, and tasty option.

‘Felice a Testaccio’ – Via del Torchio, 4
Planning a trip to Milan is now a joy even for the lovers of the authentic Roman cuisine. A bit of Rome in Milan that gives to patrons the opportunity to indulge in the rich dishes prepared by the book as if they were in a kitchen of the capital.


‘Wood * ing Bar’ – via Garigliano, 8 
Valeria Margherita Mosca’s innovative project brings together natural ingredients to create incredible cocktails – like the rose and elder one – that offer a unique experience complemented by perfect lighting, and essential furnishings.’


‘Ten Grams’ – Via della Moscova / ang. Largo La Foppa
A truffle fast food sounds like an oxymoron, but Ten Grams is the proof that it is not. Ideal for an aperitif, but also for a gourmet lunch break, Ten Grams offers gourmet truffles recipes at very reasonable prices – like the truffle aperitif selection with a glass of wine for 8€, or the scrambled eggs with white truffle for 9€.


Ilona Catani Scarlett

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