A temporary factory-museum to learn about chocolate and enjoy it in all its forms

From November 18th to February 18th,  Fiera di Roma will host ‘-Fabbrica-Museo del Cioccolato’ – factory-museum of chocolate -, a themed village designed to entertain, educate, and reveal all the secrets of this food. For three months, a whole pavilion will welcome the wonders of chocolate thanks to a partnership with Helexpo, a Greek trade fair organizer that has already organized the same event in Thessaloniki and Athens.
From the library of chocolate, to the jungle – with a special reconstruction of the vegetation and the ruins of Incas temples, where visitors will experience the warmth and humidity of the Amazon jungle and will receive in memory of real cocoa beans -; from the labyrinth, to the face-painting corner – with delicious make-up -; from the exposition of life-size chocolate reproduction of musical instruments,  to the largest chocolate fountain in

Europe – with its 1200 liters of liquid chocolate. The Chocolate Factory-Museum will also offer tutorials where to learn about chocolate processing techniques, tasting and preparation.

The undisputed protagonist of the event will be presented to curious visitors in all its stages of production: from the fruit to the final form ready for consumption. Moreover, a miniature ‘Italy of Chocolate’ will showcase the chocolate reproduction of the most famous monument of each one of Italy’s twenty regions.

(Ilona Catani Scarlett)

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