Sandrino Gelato al naturale-Gelato is a refreshing cuddle for the heart and soul that by now thrives in all seasons, guaranteeing unlimited pleasure, even more so when the delicacy in question is a concentration of artisanal knowledge, top-quality basic ingredients and — why not? — a farsighted entrepreneurial spirit capable of creating beauty even in the comfortable ambience of the retail outlets. This is indeed the case for the flourishing retail chain Sandrino srl, operating in the sector of high-quality artisanal gelato, coffee and pastry with the eloquent name “Sandrino® the Natural Gelato” ( The founder of this promising Italian business is the young Alessandro Salerno, who in 2011 launched a project destined to grow and evolve over the years into a highly successful, specific format capable of prevailing on the global level, thanks to an expansion in the variety of products offered and to its established and recognized attention to genuineness.

Today, Salerno manages a network of 13 retail stores on Italian territory and is about to embark on an important
 plan of expansion both in the domestic market and abroad. The firm currently has around a hundred employees including sales persons, administrative personnel and research specialists, and in 2016 it reached a turnover of almost seven million euros ($7,430,000) in sales. Sandrino also recently made news by signing an agreement with Pretto Food and Retail srl for the acquisition of a retail outlet in Milan.Sandrino_ Pasticceria

“Milan has welcomed us with open arms, and at the moment the numbers prove us right,” explains Alessandro Salerno to All About Italy. “The opening in Piazza Duca d’Aosta represents a fundamental showcase for approaching the foreign market and beginning to submit our format to international players. We are constantly on the lookout for professionals who want to join our project and we are ready to expand our franchising both nationally and in the European market.” The idea of preserving the brand’s roots, however, is quite strong, which means preserving the connection with Salerno’s native territory, Apulia, where 10 of the 13 retail outlets are to be found. The link with the “heel of the boot” is an integral part of the firm’s DNA: “It is a very close connection, to the point that in many of our sales points we promote our region. We in fact produce delicacies such as the “Pasticciotto Pugliese,” Salerno emphasizes.

Alessandro_Salerno_Amministratore Unico_SandrinoIn short, an idea transformed into action, into matter, into taste: this is why Sandrino’s activity succeeds in making a difference on the market, beginning with the quality standards of the final product to the monastic care in the organization of the stores. “Sandrino has a youthful format,” Salerno explains, “that focuses a lot on design and on the modernity of its interiors. But first of all, it is characterized by the renovation of the product, of the Made in Italy dessert. Our gelato is 100% natural, without additives or artificial aromas, and we work exclusively with products of the highest quality. The same goes for our pastry and coffee. The Sandrino format is a winner for quality: we produce 99% of the products we sell. To this we add locations with a design that is never boring, but extremely conscious in all its details.”

The concept of the locales of “Sandrino® il Gelato al Naturale” in fact offers the client a luminous ambience, at once modern, homely and welcoming: a large suggestive window allows consumers to directly see the in-house production in the adjacent laboratory in every store. Wood dominates the interior furnishings, both for its functional predisposition as well as for its powerfully symbolic value, in that it represents a warm, “live” material inside a context that strives for a clean, contemporary character eschewing redundant elements in order to better appreciate the genuineness of the products offered by Sandrino.IMG_5126

The work table and counter, on the other hand, are made of Carrara marble to highlight the Italian identity of the project as well as the attention to the use of valued, high-quality products both in the interior furnishings as well as in the preparation of the sweet delights proposed. Finally, the floor is laid with a mosaic of ceramic hexagons in warm gourmand tones ranging from cream to chocolate. Sandrino’s ingredients for success are clear and simple like those of its gelato, and succeed in gaining the unanimous consensus of connoisseurs of frozen delights: “our clientele is not limited to any certain age sector, because gelato is family, friendship, children, teenagers and the elderly. In our gelateria tradition is combines with innovation,” concludes a satisfied Alessandro Salerno.

Delia Lo Calzo

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