Sara Pichelli spider man 1Sara Pichelli, born 1983 in the province of Fermo (Marche) is the Italian comic book artist best known for first illustrating the Miles Morales version of ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Today she really likes comics like Sandman by Neil Gaiman, anything by Alan Moore, and, as far as Italian ar concerned, Zerocalcare and Leo Ortolani; but her first love was animation, and she started her career working for IDW Publishing. She started drawing comics as self-taught illustrator and, in 2008, she won Marvel’s only international contest for young talents. After having worked on several Marvel titles, such as Namora, Pichelli was hired as the main artist on the second volume of ‘Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man’, which premiered in September 2011 and featured Miles Morales, a teenager of Black Hispanic descent, who inherited the costume of Spider-Man after Peter Parker’s death. In 2011, she also won a 2011 Eagle Award for Favorite Newcomer Artist.

For Pichelli, the world of comics is increasingly opening to women, also thanks to cinecomics, which, however, “are influencing comics too much, becoming a leash for creative freedom.” However, the artist confesses that she loved the Italian ‘They Called Jeeg’: “I found it to be a perfect parable of a present-day hero that managed to instill the super-hero code in our culture without turning it into a character. I forced my students from the International School of Comics in Rome to watch it, and I also invite them to read a lot because comics are narrative, they tell stories.” Pichelli’s dream is to make a horror cartoon with a female protagonist.

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