A new structure created by the Serafina group is opening in San Juan. The brain child of the group’s Fabio Granato and Vittorio Assaf, mirage beaches and a unique atmosphere encompass the new hotel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.


The new Serafina Restaurant Group experience – with numerous locations around the world – is the Serafina Beach Hotel. Nestled in the heart of the elegant Ashford Avenue neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico, the location blends perfectly with its surroundings: young and vibrant, packed with entertainment and venues to visit.

The new impressive structure of the Serafina Group opens its doors in March 2018. An elegant and modern hotel located on the Atlantic shores, this creation, led by the design studios of LA Architects PSC and iCRAVE, was concieved to mimic the green hues and crystalline waters of the sea. The delicate, chic interior approach is enriched by bohemian and pop accents fashioned after native Puerto Rican artists: minimalist decorations and the tropical style is enlivened by shades that give a sense of well-being. Green, sea foam, turquoise blue, gray and white color modern design from the rooms to the common areas, giving ample space.



The double-height reception area defines the main lines of the front entrance, accentuated by artistic design elements: an impressive staircase overlaps with open spaces, numerous plants and ceramics revitalize the environment, while wood-detailed counters for the reception and support staff resemble the work of Austrian artist Erwin Hauer. And while a rich ceiling of interlaced lamps fills the upper part of the check-in, a large abstract mural bearing the signature of Puerto Rican artist Sofia Maldonado defines the boundary of the environment. A triumph of artistic elements pouring into the right spaces, such as the large carpet that unfolds in the center of the room and weaving the watercolor compositions of Yelena Rodin. A pair of suspended armchairs, signed by Kettal, fill the environment and the custom surfboards by Puerto Rican artist Charlie Ramirez infuse a sense of play, fun and relaxation. The lobby lounge, known as PiñaCo, is embellished by an elephant bar with bright blue-colored tiles and a terraced counter.



The hotel has 96 rooms overlooking the Atlantic or the adjacent Lagoon del Condado, an unspoilt nature sanctuary that hosts numerous protected animals. The rooms are especially elegant and spacious, ranging from 100 square meters up to 195 square meters, with terracotta floor and walls full of uninterrupted windows offering a surprising, almost psychedelic, views of the north ocean or a sparkling sky over the evening Laguna to the south.



Serafina Beach Hotel’s restaurant is signed with the name ‘aMare’, a word that contains – in Italian – a double meaning: ‘love’, or in a southern Italian dialect ‘towards the sea’.
The innovative restaurant, enriched with white brick walls and lively murals reflecting Puerto Rican culture, can seat 100 guests, inside and outside. The turquoise-blue tile evokes the coastal spirit, while the dining room has mirrored portholes and metallic-blue lamps, beconing the sea so close that one can smell it.
Aromas that waft from the kitchen from the delicacies prepared by the chef make meals unique and unforgettable: immersed in an environment that offers a harmonious mix between a casual and luxurious style, Italian dishes are reworked with a a touch of Puerto Rican culture.



From the PiñaCo hall, an extraordinary swimming pool, boasting nine private ‘little lounges’, two pavilions for larger groups and a breathtaking terrace means that anyone can enjoy the beautiful ocean view. A space of comfort where one can relax with a cocktail, ordered directly from the adjacent, blue and green bar that reflects the parallel colors of the Atlantic. A fifty-meter-long level swimming pool, located just a few meters away from the sea waves crashing on the coasts, is undoubtedly the star of the area.

In short, the new Serafina Beach Hotel.


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