Cedrata Tassoni Soda, launched in 1956, is a refreshing soft drink bearing the aromas of the citron fruit, from which the producer, Cedral Tassoni, extracts the essential oils to obtain the natural aroma characterizing the beverage.

The company is very attached to its traditions and does not even consider using plastic, even if it would be a cheaper. The 180ml bottle used for Tassoni Soda, made of clear rough transparent glass with a texture similar to one of the citron peel, constitutes a true piece of design and it is recognized and loved by consumers as much as the drink itself.

The production plant, as are the headquarters of the company, is in Salò (Brescia), and the citrons arrive there in November from Diamante (Cosenza) to be peeled so that the essential oils can be extracted from the peel and the fruits are returned, at Tassoni’s expense, to Calabria where local producers use them to make candies. “Economically, it does not make sense, but it’s a virtuous thing” comments Elio Accardo, CEO of Tassoni since 2014.

The board (75% of Redini – the heir of Paolo Amedei, an entrepreneur who bought the company from Marquis Nicola Tassoni in 1884 after a few years of activity – 25% of Giovanbattista Bettinzoli’s heirs, who died two years ago) impose rigid limits: no debts with banks, small-scale growth, it is forbidden to change the style of the logo and the advertising commercial that has been used since 1982. The sales network has been extended to include large distribution, the company has started to export more and it invested in new machinery and communications, all with one goal: to consolidate the perception of Cedrata Tassoni as a “drinks of excellence.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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