An intense calendar with plenty of music, guests, new talents, and history

The 35th edition of the Torino Film Festival (TFF), which will be held in Turin from November 24 to December 2, has an extremely varied and rich calendar with: 40 movies that are the directors’ first or second works, 36 world previews, 21 international previews, 4 European previews, and 59 Italian previews.

One of the protagonists of the 35th edition of the TTF is certainly music; in fact, the opening screening will be the world preview of ‘Finding your Feet’, a musical comedy directed by Richard Loncraine in which Imelda Stauton and Timothy Spall. Roberta Torre, also director of the Festival opening ceremony, will present her colorful and crazy ‘Riccardo va all’inferno’ (Riccardo goes to hell) with Massimo Ranieri. Three also the documentaries about the world of music: ‘Faithful’ – in which the 60s icon Sandrine Bonnaire tells her incredible journey with the aid of beautiful repertoire images -, ‘My life story’ by Julien Temple– about Suggs (aka Graham McPherson) and Madness -, and ‘Jones: Bloodlight and Bami’ by Sophie Fiennes – portrait of a humane, ambiguous, and provocative Grace Jones.

One of the guests will be director Asia Argento; she will be looking at the USA through the lens of five selected movies and one of hers; she will also perform with Julian Temple.
TFF is also trying to discover innovative talents and to intercept the trends of independent cinema, hence the rich section dedicated to young directors. For Italy are running: Jacopo Quadri with ‘Lorello and Brunello’ – the true story of two twins working in a farm in Tuscany in harmony with nature but threatened by the global market -, and Andrea Tagliaferri with ‘Blue Kids’ – a story of a brother and a sister; there is an inheritance, conflicts with the father, a crazy gesture, and an escape.

Among the most anticipated movies there are: ‘The death of Stalin’ by Armando Iannucci- telling what Malenkow, Kruscew, Molotov, Beria and Stalin’s close collaborators did when they found the dictator dead in his studio -, ‘The darkest hour’ by Joe Wright – a portrait of Winston Churchill just named Prime Minister in 1940 and facing the hypothesis of war and the Nazis -, and ‘The Reagan Show’ – a fun documentary, made with archive material, that tells the talent of one of the former US president.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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